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Genealogy of the families van Dort

Overview of the families van Dort

The family van Dort from The Netherlands is probably not one family. It is more likely that several families moved away from Dordrecht, also called Dordt, at a certain period of time. When they settled down in a new city they were called van Dort, which could mean from Dordt or from Dordrecht.

A genealogist, who looked into the family Schot, a family which is closely related to the family van Dort in Bergen op Zoom, claims to have found evidence that the family van Dort from Bergen op Zoom, originally came from Dordrecht. We didn't find evidence in Bergen op Zoom to support this theory yet, but it is very well possible.

In the Netherlands of the 17th century people with the name van Dort could be found in various cities: Bergen op Zoom and Rotterdam, Utrecht, the Beemster, Gorinchem and The Hague, Delft and Rijswijk and Amsterdam and Muiden. There is no connection yet established between the people in the several cities. In the 18th and 19th century people with the name van Dort were spread all over The Netherlands and Sri Lanka. And in the 19th and 20th century people with the name van Dort were spread over the whole world: the US, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, England and Belgium.

The following pages contain the stories of the different families van Dort. The stories are based upon information from the genealogy research of my father and me and all the information provided by people from the families van Dort, whom we had the pleasure to write and talk to. You'll notice that some parts are more detailed than others. We welcome all help to fill in the missing gaps, for instants in the area of the unsolved puzzle of the various coats of arms.

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The brazilian families

Background on the family Dortas from Brazil

The family names Dortas and Dorta in Brazil seems to have a common ancestor in Manuel van Dorth. 

During the year 1624 there was a Dutch invasion in the northeast of Brazil in the cities of Salvador and Recife. Both Manuel van Dorth, brother of Pieter Van Dorth, and Johan (Joan) van Dorth, his cousin took part in this invasion by admiral Jacob Willekens of Bahia, as Salvador was known in those days. Nobleman Johan van Dorth commanded the infantry. The Dutch held Salvador for just one year (till April 30, 1625), in which year Johan van Dorth was assasinated. The Dutch pillaged the churches of Salvador, claiming to be the "Enemies of the Catholic Church"
Although the Dutch occupation force and their ships were allowed to leave 
Bahia, Manuel van Dorth or his family must have stayed? According to João Carlos Bittencourt Dortas his branch of the family Van Dorth lives in the Porto Alegre - Rio Grande Do Sul (Brazil). More about the Dutch in Bahia, see here

Bahia in those days 23).

In some books about the invasion the name van Dorth is also spelled as van Dort. There were some Dortas as Jacob Dorta da Paz and Israel Moises Dorta and probably they changed their names from Dort(h) to Dorta 22)

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