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Genealogy of the families van Dort

Overview of the families van Dort

The family van Dort from The Netherlands is probably not one family. It is more likely that several families moved away from Dordrecht, also called Dordt, at a certain period of time. When they settled down in a new city they were called van Dort, which could mean from Dordt or from Dordrecht.

A genealogist, who looked into the family Schot, a family which is closely related to the family van Dort in Bergen op Zoom, claims to have found evidence that the family van Dort from Bergen op Zoom, originally came from Dordrecht. We didn't find evidence in Bergen op Zoom to support this theory yet, but it is very well possible.

In the Netherlands of the 17th century people with the name van Dort could be found in various cities: Bergen op Zoom and Rotterdam, Utrecht, the Beemster, Gorinchem and The Hague, Delft and Rijswijk and Amsterdam and Muiden. There is no connection yet established between the people in the several cities. In the 18th and 19th century people with the name van Dort were spread all over The Netherlands and Sri Lanka. And in the 19th and 20th century people with the name van Dort were spread over the whole world: the US, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, England and Belgium.

The following pages contain the stories of the different families van Dort. The stories are based upon information from the genealogy research of my father and me and all the information provided by people from the families van Dort, whom we had the pleasure to write and talk to. You'll notice that some parts are more detailed than others. We welcome all help to fill in the missing gaps, for instants in the area of the unsolved puzzle of the various coats of arms.

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The Beemster family

Background of the family van Dort from the Beemster


The Beemster family starts with Klaas van Dort, who married Anna van Egmond (on 7 novembre 1695?). Little is known about the family in the early days. In 1865 however a Family Bible is published by A.C. Kruseman in Haarlem. In this bible names can be found of all people who subscribed. Among the names are those of the King, the Queen and the Princes Hendrik and Frederik and
  • C. van Dort - Haarlemmermeer
  • K. van Dort - Schoorl
Hans van Dort has one of those bibles in his property. It is likely that Klaas van Dort, born 13 octobre 1824 and either Cornelis his brother, born 3 novembre 1828 or their father Cornelis, born 8 january 1797, were the ones who subscribed to this bible 16).
Soccer champion
Jan Leendert van Dort (born 25 may 1893, Heemstede) started playing soccer when he was thirteen in a local club called HVV (Heemsteedsche Voetbalvereniging), soon followed by EDO (Haarlem) In 1912 he started playing for Ajax (one of the Dutch best soccer teams) and the year next he made his debute in the first team. Jan was known for his goals, which was rewarded by a spot in the national team in 1920 for the Olympics. He's still on the list of top scorers for Ajax with 73 goals. He played 5 interlands. In 1922 he left Ajax for Vitesse (Arnhem).
Jan van Dort
Jan van Dort playing his game. Source Ben Meerveld.
World War II
Hans' father, (Johan) Jan van Dort, born 15 august 1902, was a sales director in Vlaardingen. After his second mariage with Mimi Hammer both moved to Vienna. When the Germans occupied Austria in the second World War, they moved back to the Netherlands to Seinpostduin in Scheveningen. But the war came to Holland too. During the war this area of Scheveningen became Sperrgebiet, forbidden zone, so that Jan and Mimi had to move again. Loes and Hans van Dort were born during the war in Bethlehem hospital. Unfortunately Jan van Dort was killed in a bombardment only 19 days after Hans was born 16).

Mimi van Dort and Prince Bernhard
Prince Bernhard was a guest of Mimi van Dort at the fair.
Photo from Hans van Dort, 16).

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