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Genealogy of the families van Dort

Coats of arms

While digging in the archives and contacting people several coat of arms of the van Dort families came up. Because the right to carry arms is a privilege attached to a certain branch of a family, a genealogy must proof a family relationship, before you can claim a certain coat of arms. Below are 10 different coats of arms attributed to the families van Dort. Coat of arms of 1. The family van Dort from Delft 2. The family van Dort from Colombo 3. The family van Dort-Kroon 4. The family von Dort from Hamburg 5. The family van Dorth from Beesd 6. The family van Dorth from Sluis 7. The family van Dorth van s Hertogenbosch en Bergen op Zoom (patricier) 8. Maria van Dorth 9. Sibella van Dorth 10. Unknown, end 17th century

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The coat of arms of Johan Joseph van Dort and Gerret Willem van Dort

Johan Joseph van Dort, baptised in 1784, was a "gouvernements-solliciteur". He wrote letters and petitions addressed to the government for people, who could not write or read. It was quite common then to mark letters with a seal stamp by means of a signet ring as a token of authenticity. In the collection Musschart (CBG) a certificate can be found that Johan Joseph used this ring on 2 february 1852 in The Hague. A stamp of his ring can be found in the archives of Arnhem.
A possible explanation of the origins of this coat of arms is: up left: anchor, signifies his grandfather from fathers side, a skipper. up right: dolphin, signifies his grandfather from mothers side, a fisherman. below: wheel topped with a horn, signifies his father, a traveling merchant.
Since Johan Joseph had no children, it can be assumed that his signet-ring was heritated by Gerret Willem Christiaan, the son of his brother Willem Christiaan who was a chemist in The Hague. Willem Christiaan van Dort was granted permission by king Willem which allowed his son Gerret Willem Christiaan van Dort and his descendants to use the surname "van Dort-Kroon". Willem Christiaan combined his surname Van Dort and that of his wife Dina Kroon. In the collection of Steenkamp-Damstra (CBG) a stamp of his seal (Waddinxveen, 1880) can be found.

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