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Genealogy of the families van Dort

Coats of arms

While digging in the archives and contacting people several coat of arms of the van Dort families came up. Because the right to carry arms is a privilege attached to a certain branch of a family, a genealogy must proof a family relationship, before you can claim a certain coat of arms. Below are 10 different coats of arms attributed to the families van Dort. Coat of arms of 1. The family van Dort from Delft 2. The family van Dort from Colombo 3. The family van Dort-Kroon 4. The family von Dort from Hamburg 5. The family van Dorth from Beesd 6. The family van Dorth from Sluis 7. The family van Dorth van ‘s Hertogenbosch en Bergen op Zoom (patricier) 8. Maria van Dorth 9. Sibella van Dorth 10. Unknown, end 17th century

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Coat of arms family van Dort - Delft

This coat of arms is attributed to Lijsbet Jansen van Dort about 1699 (her date of mariage) and to Constantia van Dort (d 28 july 1658). It also has a crest gold and red, mantling gold, red. Source collection van de Minne and Rethane-Macaré, collection Steenkamp-Damstra, CBG.

People with the right to carry this arms are
1. Constantia van Dort (d 28 july 1658)
2. Jan Jansz van Dort (gardener in Delft 1610 - 25 dec 1677), Buitenwatersloot
3. Jan Jansz van Dort (Delft, around 1640 - 24-11-1696), Buitenwatersloot bij verlaat, son of 2
4. Lijsbet Jansen van Dort (baptised 29-04-1666), daughter of 3
5. Sara Jansen van Dort (baptised 08-09-1672), daughter of 3
6. Heijnderick Jans van Dort (baptised 24-02-1664), son of 3
7. Sijburgijen van Dort – Janse (baptised 12-01-1694 - 16-01-1694), daughter of 6
8. Lucas van Dort (baptised 25-03-1698), son of 6
9. Johannes van Dort – Janse (baptised 03-04-1695), son of 6

The coat of arms can also be found on the gravestone of Constantia van Dort, second wife of Marcelis van der Goes. She was burried in the Nieuwe Kerk in Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands. The coat can be seen on the painting of Constantia van Dort in the collection of Klein Westphal in The Hague,

- Schild: doorsneden in drieen: 1 van rood een jachthoorn goud, groen gesnoerd; 2 van ziler een facet 3 van zwart een ster 6 punten goud
- Helmteken: een vlucht goud/rood
- Dekkleden: rood gevoerd van goud

Source Macare, Steenkamp-Damstra, Rietstap

Owner/SourceMascha van Dort
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